The Life Of A Milso

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I’m Not Your Sassy Black Friend

"Time and time again I’ve had (white) friends take advantage of my moments of anger, my moments of feeling fabulous or my moments of being a smart-ass and turn it into a Sassy Black Friend moment. They supply my rants with exaggerated shouts of “say it girl” and my confident preening with “right on sista” and so on. They start talking in a tone that just sounds like they’ve watched a few episodes of Maury and decided that that is what all black girls sound like and they start acting like it’s funny to use their slang and accents in some weird moment of solidarity.

It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s not appreciated.”

I will not accept sassy as a compliment. Ever. There’s millions of words in the dictionary. Your ass better find something else to use to describe me.

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God does not perceive time the way we do… Your “little while” will pass soon enough. Have faith.


God does not perceive time the way we do… Your “little while” will pass soon enough. Have faith.

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"If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours." - Cory Matthews

On Friday, November 5th 1999 at 8PM/7CENTRAL Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence became Mr. & Mrs.Matthews. Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to Cory & Topanga!

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From Boys To Men

"Niggas ain’t shit"
See I would say I don’t know what “nigga” you’re looking at.
But that would be young minded of me.
I actually know the difference between a “nigga” and a man; something that a girl just couldn’t see.
To put them in the same category just wouldn’t be fair at all.
We are all entitled to our own opinion & have had different learning experiences so then again it’s your call.
I don’t prefer the term “nigga” though because my vocabulary is much more extravagant.
We will just refer to them as boys for now since they just don’t quite get it yet.
Obnoxious, disrespectful, inconsiderate, or whatever they just may be.
Don’t put the blame on them, for they don’t know any better; don’t be so quick to judge thee.
It takes a man to raise a man, so if his father is absent then it’ll show.
You won’t have any doubts or question him, when you come encounter with a man trust me you’ll know.
The transition is one that’s unexplainable.
Kind of like a wake up call for some.
A young boy experience something in his life and decides to get himself together before his judgement day come.

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